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At Your Service 1,500+ Activities in Mumbai

What is PostFridays?

Think of fun post Fridays, think PostFridays!

We are a one-stop-shop for that ‘fun loving’ part of you that comes alive on weekends. You can choose and book instantly from a curated list of tours, activities, workshops and skill building sessions available from a trustworthy network of experts. (Read that as: Saying bye-bye to waiting time from vendors.)

We are kicking off this fun filled journey with Food & Beverages. We assist you to discover, compare, book and review your perfect weekend experiences.

While you are busy with work, we are working towards planning the ‘fun-time’ for you . Watch out this space to see more awesome activities getting added in the coming weeks.

Get started to make memories with varied experiences!

Team PostFridays!!

Our Story

A year back, on a weekend with no plans, co-founders Sucheta and Prateek were trying to put together a last minute, fun weekend plan on short notice when their friend from Hyderabad (and what turned out to be third co-founder) was visiting Mumbai.

They were rooting for a memorable weekend right including a cool food experiences, a unique show-stopper weekend activity and something adventurous to do early morning. Turned out, it was easier said than done with challenges around discovery of what is the coolest thing to do, finding good ratings w.r.t. replica offerings and booking at the last minute!

That is when they realized that had this industry been organized, this planning would be an equally fun experience. Six months later, that is exactly, what they set out to achieve!

We are now aiming to organize the weekend & leisure time experiences industry, making it a seamless, fun-filled experience for everyone – be it users or service providers.

PostFridays is working towards a single line motto: “When you think of fun post Fridays, think PostFridays”